Appicon fc4 A Key to the North is a story mission in Far Cry 4.

Mission (Amita)Edit

If Ajay sides with Amita for this mission, she will send the player to a location to hijack a fuel truck and destroy the iron door blocking the path to Northern Kyrat. When Ajay reaches the location, he waits until the fuel truck passes and shoots the driver or uses the Vehicle Takedown. Once in the truck, Amita orders Ajay to drive to the doors at King's Bridge. Once there, Ajay blows up the truck to destroy the doors and inside he clears the area of enemies. Once clear, Pagan Min sends the Royal Guard to retake the bridge. Amita sends some Golden Path allies to help Ajay defend the bridge from the counterattack. Once the mission is over, the player has full access to Northern Kyrat.

Mission (Sabal)Edit

Sabal's mission is the same as Amita's mission, except that after you leave the building that you start the mission in, Ajay will receive a call from Sabal telling him capture the fuel truck after it stops. Ajay then reaches the designated location and kills all the Royal Army soldiers guarding the truck. After that, Ajay enters the truck and drives it to King's Bridge, where he then drives across the bridge at full speed to the doors and dives out at the last second as the truck crashes in to the door, destroying it.


  • When arriving at the bridge, throw some mines in front of the doors to destroy the truck quickly. This will give you more cover when you clear the area.
  • Don't underestimate the Royal Guard. They are better trained and better armoured than the Royal Army. Play smart and defensively if you want to survive.
  • The Vehicle Takedown is strongly recommended for this mission as it will be easier to hijack the truck (Amita).
  • Remember: to perform the Vehicle Takedown, you must first look at the enemy vehicle and press the melee button to initiate the takedown.
  • Finally, grab a grenade launcher that you can use while driving as there are many enemy vehicles blocking your path.


The Bombay Royale - The Bombay Twist

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