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Category Handgun
Price TBqD
Ammunition Handgun Rounds
Magazine size 20 (standard) 30 (extended mags)
Attachment slots 2
Supported attachments Silencer, Sights, Extended mag

The A99 is a Machine Pistol/Sub Machine Gun that appears in Far Cry 4.

Description Edit

Far Cry® 4 20141204174814

Holding an A99 (Tec-9) in-game.

The original design is based on the Swedish Intratec Tec-9. The A99 is one of the last weapons to unlock.

The weapon is classified in game as a handgun (sidearm and allowing the weapon to be fired from any vehicle including a zipline) and uses pistol ammo, consequently it burns through its ammo supply very quickly. Therefore, it is recommended to fully upgrade your ammo supplies. Then a total ammunition of 145 rounds can be carried.

Royal Army soldiers will die in a few hits, making the A99 a perfect sidearm for clearing outposts in the South. Enemies in the northern part of Kyrat will soak up much more damage. It is recommended to headshot enemies.

Attachments that are available:

  • Sights
  • Suppressor
  • ext. Magazine

The most useful ones are the ext. magazine and the suppressor, making this gun the perfect silenced sidearm.

In multiplayer, most sidearms are useless, because you already have an option to carry a SMG, or Shotgun for CQC.

Trivia Edit

  • Its signature version, the Rebel, can be acquired before the base weapon is unlocked, by liberating 10 outposts in Kyrat.
  • It looks like the safety is always on on this weapon (charging handle is pushed inwards).
  • If you look close, one can read "9mm CAL" on the bolt.
  • The player holds the A99 the intended way. The thumb of the left hand rides on the top of the other fingers. If the thumb would be behind the magazine it could cause the magazine to be dropped, because the magazine catch is located there.

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