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The 87 is a Signature Weapon in Far Cry 4. It is a more powerful version of the 1887 shotgun, and is fitted with a Reflex Sight. It is unlocked by the player after he or she finds five of Mohan Ghale's Journals. With its raw power, perfect stopping power, and decent fire rate, it is one of the most powerful guns that can be unlocked early in the game by the player.

It is also a sidearm, and as such can be fired while driving and is second only to the M79 in this role.

Tips and UsesEdit

  • Just like its 1887 counterpart, it is recommended to switch weapons once the 87 has run out of ammo. This is because it has an average reload time, unlike other weapons.
  • The 87 is a fine hunting weapon, thanks to its high damage output. Make sure to move in close to your prey, however, as the gun has poor range.
  • In the first third of the game, you can easily clear out an entire vehicle (driver, front passenger and gunner/flatbed passenger) with one shot at close range (out to around 20 meters), due to the good spread and high damage, making it one of the best weapons for taking out vehicles and for drive-by attacks (though you only take out the vehicle's passengers and driver, not the vehicle itself).
  • Its high damage and great close-range use makes it a good sidearm for snipers, or players who use a lot of explosive weapons, which tend to be useless in close quarters (due to splash damage and slow reloads).


  • The 87 can take a Rhino down in 3-4 shots, depending on the player's distance from it.
  • The 87 cannot be customized.
  • When using the 87 while on a vehicle the cocking animation of the gun is the same as in Terminator 2: Judgement Day.


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