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The 6P9 is a handgun featured in Far Cry 3 and Far Cry 4.

Far Cry 3Edit


(FC3) 6P9 Icon

FC3 cutout handgun 6p9
Category Handgun
Price $680
Ammunition Handgun Rounds
Magazine size 8
Maximum ammo 120
Attachment slots 2
Supported attachments Sound Supressor
Extended Magazine
Night Sight
6P9 stats
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"This small caliber handgun is ideal for stealth when fitted with a sound suppressor. It is exceptionally accurate at close range and can be used while on a Zipline."
— in-game handbook
"This Russian pistol first showed up in the groovy 1960s, designed by the not so groovy pinko (pardon my French) Spetsnaz. Those on Rook Island come from a batch of surplus arms sold to local pirates by a general looking to fluff up his retirement fund and his sex life. The deal included hundreds of 6P9 handguns, extra parts, ammunition and one thousand hookers... a day."
— Survival Guide

The 6P9 first appears Far Cry 3.

The 6P9 becomes free after capturing the first Radio Tower.

The 6P9 is a compact 9x18mm PB (suppressed pistol) pistol. It can be purchased from the beginning of the game at any store and can be equipped with a Sound Suppressor, Extended Magazines or Night Sight. Stat-wise, it has low damage, high accuracy and a mediocre magazine size. It can hold two attachments.

It is the only handgun that can be suppressed, not counting the Shadow (a signature 1911 with silencer and red dot sight).

Paint JobsEdit

The look of 6P9 could be customized with one of six available paint schemes. Each scheme costs $200 and does not affect weapon performance.


Far Cry 4Edit

Category Handgun
Price 30,000
Ammunition Handgun Rounds
Magazine size 8 (Standard Mag)

10 (Extended Mag)

Attachment slots 2
Supported attachments Silencer, Night Sight, Extended Mag

The 6P9 returns in Far Cry 4.

It is the fastest firing semi auto pistol in the game. This is compromised by it having the lowest damage per shot and poorest performance at range requiring 3 shot up close and 6 at a distance against army beheaders. On a brighter note, It can fit two attachments and its hipfire also has the tightest spread of all pistols. It is tied with the D50 for fastest reload speed.

In general, The 6P9 is not the worst pistol but unless you prefer speed over power, There are better options. Its draw time is identical to all other pistols bar the M-712. Like all other non heavy pistols, the 6P9 has a range limit of 60M which is well beyond where you will use the 6P9 effectively.

However, the weapon's main advantage is its stealth capability. It's high accuracy and ability to be suppressed makes it one of the best non-signature silenced secondaries in the game, reliably taking out almost all enemy types in the game with a single, well-placed headshot. It also has good mobility, but as mentioned above, it is not very useful when going loud, due to the mediocre firing rate and abysmal damage.


  • The 6P9 is capable of fitting the extended 10 round magazine and a suppressor at the same time.
  • The 6P9 is an extremely good stealth weapon and fills a niche just fine. Use against Norther Kyrati royal guard is generally not a good idea considering the entire magazine is used to kill a Defender assuming you use extended mag.
  • It is a very accurate handgun, The recoil is low enough to make very rapid follow up shots to hit the head. Though the sights are small, The blunter front post can make headshots difficult past close range without the otherwise-useless night sights.
  • Its ability to penetrate armor is low as it may require 3-4 full magazines to kill a single heavy gunner.



  • The 6P9 is the only pistol in Far Cry 3 to have its correct real life caliber and magazine capacity.
  • While the 6P9 is essentially a suppressed variant of the Makarov PM pistol, in real life it can be used without the silencer because it is designed with 2 suppressors, the second "suppressor" is the barrel as it has holes cut into it near the muzzle and is wrapped in foam. and differs in several significant ways.
  • It is impossible to buy the 6P9 as it will become free once the radio tower is deactivated in the tutorial.
  • In the sidequest Where Are Thou Juliet, "Romeo" attempts to kill his lover with a 6P9.
  • The 6P9 is very similar to the Silent Makarov 6P9 from Far Cry 2. The main difference being that the 6P9's silencer can be detached in Far Cry 3 and Far Cry 4.
  • The Makarov PM, in real life, is a particularly accurate and economical pistol popular for its simplicity, compactness, lethality, accuracy, and affordable ammunition.
  • The real life 6P9 has a different suppressor that cannot be attached to any other gun, while the ingame 6P9 has a rather generic pistol suppressor. In reality, the suppressor is made specifically for the PBS and can be removed for storage or compact carry.

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