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FC3 cutout shotgun 1887
Category Shotgun
Price $130
Ammunition Shotgun Shells
Magazine size 7
Maximum ammo 50
Attachment slots 1
Supported attachments Extended Magazine
Night Sight
Red Dot Sight
Reflex Sight
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"A classic lever-action shotgun that is devastating in close quarters. This variant has a 28-inch barrel which gives a slightly more range than other shotguns."
— in-game description
"The 1887 is a classic lever-action shotgun that’s been knocking around since the Wild West. It showed up in action movies and video games and, bang, it was as popular as Swedish furniture. A couple of years ago, Vaas’s men somehow managed to get their hands on a shipment of 1887s. Sure, there are newer designs, but you can’t flip cock them and flip cocking makes a man."
— Survival Guide

The 1887 is a shotgun that appears in Far Cry 3.

This weapon will become free after deactivating 4 Radio Towers.

The 1887 has a significantly tighter spread than other shotguns, making it more effective at medium ranges. However, it is still not effective at long range and has a lengthy reload time. It is recommended to use cover between shots to maximize damage while minimising exposure.

Tips and UsesEdit

  • In the middle of a battle, consider switching to another weapon rather than reloading when your magazine is empty, since the 1887 reloads slowly.


  • 1887 is short for Winchester Model 1887.
  • Like the SPAS-12, the 1887 is not carried by the Rakyat, Pirates or Privateers.
  • The Galleria 1991 in Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon is based on the 1887.
  • The survival guide entry to flip cocking is likely to be a reference to the movie Terminator 2: Judgement Day, and the way the titular Cyborg reloads his shotgun. In real life attempting to flip cock any lever action firearm requires an enlarged lever loop so your fingers do not break. It is also impossible with the 1887 due to its feed path. Upon trying to flip cock an 1887 without an aftermarket feed path cover will result in the shell flying out of the top of the shotgun rather than feeding in to the chamber.

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