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.700 Nitro
Category Special
Price 75,750
Ammunition Sniper Rifle Rounds
Magazine size 2
Attachment slots 1
Supported attachments Sights

The .700 Nitro is a double-barrelled hunting rifle that appears in Far Cry 4. It is referred as the "Elephant Gun" in trailers and by some players, but in reality, it is the signature version of .700 Nitro. The .700 Nitro unlocked by completing the City of Pain mission. It could be either bought for 75,750 or Longinus gives it for free for liberating Bell Towers.

It is immensely powerful, capable of destroying a truck with 6 shots to the engine and instantly kills most targets in one hit. It is also very reliable as a hunting weapon, as it can stop all but the largest of game with one shot. However, it destroys the skins of very small game. In addition to its power, one shot can heavily damage a Heavy Gunner if shot in the body and if shot in the head, it's an instant kill.

While unbelievably powerful, the .700 Nitro can only equip the optical, red dot, and reflex sights, thus hindering its long-range capabilities.


Trivia Edit

  • It is the only non explosive weapon in the game that can reliably one shot a honey badger (and keep the pelt intact).
  • It uses sniper rifle ammo and is very loud. This makes the .700 Nitro a very poor stealth weapon. As a compensation, it has amazing accuracy and is one of the guns in the game that can fit very firmly in the "loads of fun" category.
  • As an interesting aside the real .700 Nitro has typical average muzzle velocity of a factory-loaded cartridge of 2,000 ft/s (610 m/s). In the 18 pounds (8.2 kg) rifle used by Accurate Reloading this would result in recoil energy of approximately 160 ft·lbf (220 J). This is more than ten times the average recoil from a .308 Winchester which is a very common hunting calibre, and more than 4 times the recoil of a strong .45-70 Government round.
  • 100m in game max range (top sniper range with the SA-50 or AMR is only 150m so really not that bad). With this range, the weapon can be used as a "sniper weapon" of sorts, particularly when equipped with an optical sight. The weapon is also very effective against helicopters when fired at the cockpit, capable of instantly killing the pilot and bringing down the helicopter.
  • Despite firing the .700 Nitro, the rounds in-game are somewhat smaller than their real life counterpart. They more resemble the .500 Nitro Express.
  • In real life, Elephant Gun is a term for the whole category of guns that can reliably kill an elephant-sized animal (a very difficult target for a hunter with conventional firearms), which does include the Nitro Express rifle series.
  • Nitro Express rifles are named for the composition of their early smokeless gunpowder.

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