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How do you like to fight the cult in FC5?

I love annahilating them with a helicopter. And bombing them with a plane. And burning them with a flamethrower. And blowing them up with RPGs. Et cetera.
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Arena melee weapon far cry 3 Easter egg

Did anyone notice that when your in the arena your melee weapon is the Japanese Tanto from far cry 3 its the same melee weapon used in far cry 3 when you collect enough lost letters.
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PS3 maps for FC4.

I'm pretty much done with FC4 i've beaten the game 4-5 times liberated all outposts and fortresses multiple times, beat all arena gun challenges, done the shangrila missions twice, all hurk missions and collected every single mask so it would be nice if someone would comment good maps or in general stuff to do.
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Fc primal easter egg

In fc primal there's a blood dragon skeleton in one of the caves does this mean that fc3 blood dragon is a prequel to primal?
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John Cookies

That is the power of yes!
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Can I?

Can I get the 1st FarCry game on XboxOne and if you can how?
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What is the best fun for you ?

I like the shootgun
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Favourite hurk

  • Hurk sr
  • Hurk jr (vote me)
  • Urki
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White & Purple leaves in VotY?

Trying to make some overdose syringes but can't find any white or purple flowers. Any fixed locations?
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Shanath Arena quick leveling?

Any advice on how to reach level 10? I've progressed to the point where I'm tasked to take out Noore. 4 bars of health and currently level 7, but the waves of enemies are getting impossible to deal with.
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What should I do after I’ve killed Johnny

  • Kill faith
  • Kill Jake
  • Other
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I don’t know if this is allowed or not, but would anybody want me to stream Far Cry 5? I recently started streaming on the PlayStation and on YouTube, so if you want to see upcoming streams, find me on YT or PSN.

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Farcry 4 Secret Ending

If anyone else played the secret ending for 4, did you wish that you could play the entire rest of the game, but with Pagan Min?
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Next FC setting?

  • Siberia (or somewhere eastern european)
  • Italy (or somewhere mideterainian)
  • Cuba (or somewhere south american)
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Far Cry Siberia?

What are your thoughts on a Far Cry game taking place in the far eastern wilderness of Russia?

To make it even more interesting, what if it took place during the height of the Cold War when gulags were used the most and you play as an american fighter pilot who got shot down over Russia and are asked to help an anti-communism resistance liberate gulags and free people?
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